Midlands Repertory Theater

The Theater is an academic enrichment program designed to utilize the arts as a means of helping underprivileged youth reach their fullest potential. The Theater is conducted as a one week day-camp during the summer. At the end of the summer camp the students conduct a performance to demonstrate what they’ve learned. During the school-term theater participants engage in workshops, seminars, rehearsals and performances.


The Theater:

  • Exposes program participants to diverse cultural art forms and opportunities in the arts
  • Encourages participants to develop and display musical, dramatic, artistic, and dance talents
  • Encourages program participants to develop standards of excellence and self-discipline


Click on a link below to watch videos of the 2019 Showcase Performances.

  1. Young, Gifted And Black
  3. All God’s Children Got Wings
  4. Caterpillar Song
  5. Faith
  6. Love Theory
  7. Sing Children, Sing
  8. Melodies From Heaven
  9. They Said I Ain’t All That
  10. What’s Up With My Sister
  11. Wake Up Everybody
  12. Churchin
  13. Scandalize My Name
  14. Sistah’s Got It Going On
  15. Say The Word / Closing


Watch 2018 Showcase Performances here